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I'm Will Be Accumulating Bitcoin for The Next 3 Years.

Bitcoin - The Currency of the Internet
I'm Will Be Accumulating Bitcoin for The Next 3 Years.

I just feel like making a statement so I can refer back to this post myself. This year (2017-2018) has been a trial for me, I learn a valuable lesson from making a lot to losing a lot. One of the most frustrating things happen since last year is, during Bitcoin bull run, people around kept asking me if they should invest Bitcoin or is it too late to buy Bitcoin, I always told them I am not supposed to give them any financial advice.

Until recently, I only started to tell them if they want to buy Bitcoin, "this may be the right time to start buying", but the funny thing is 99% of people now think I'm crazy or just plain retarded. It's so ironic that we all know that most successful wealthy people didn't make their wealth during bull market, but they had to go through bear market, and just like Warren said, be greedy when people are in fear, and vice versa, but I guess in practice most people are just unable to make that unusual decision.

In the upcoming 3 years, I'll be dedicating most of my income into Bitcoin / Crypto. The next thing I hope now is Bitcoin could stay this price or even go lower to let me accumulate, even more, please don't buy bitcoin guys, sell your bitcoin please, I want more cheap BTC.

EDIT: I'm not sure why there are people think that if I agree one thing with Warren Buffett, I had to follow all his investment philosophy, stock picking choice, etc. Guys look, you can always learn from people that have different opinions with you. Although I disagree that Warren said that "cryptocurrency will come to a bad end", I agree with him that we shouldn't behave like sheep that just blindly follow the herd.


"If you want to be that 1%, first you gotta think like one."

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